Oktober 31, 2010

journey- Angela Zhang (ost. the dolphin bay)

It's a long long journey
Till I know whera I'm supposed to be
It's a long long journey
And I don't know if I can believe
When shadows fall and block my eyes
I am lost and know that I must hide
It's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to you

Many days I've spent
Drifting on through empty shores
Wondering what's my purpose
Wondering how to make me strong

I know I will falter I know I will cry
I know you'll be standing by my side
It's a long long journey
And I need to be close to you

Sometimes it feels no one understands
I don't even know why
I do the things I do
When pride builds me up till I can't see my soul
Will you break down these walls and pull me through

Cause It's a long long journey
Till I feel that I am worth the price
You paid for me on calvary
Beneath those stormy skies

When Satan mocks and friends turn to foes
It feel like everything is out to make me lose control
It's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to you.to you

wow, this song very nice :) sometimes this song make me cry if my heart is sad :(
you can download this song : click here

Oktober 26, 2010

just my fking story

I very often feel hurt, I very often feel neglected, so often I feel myself the most wrong, I'd love to anger but can not, I could only cry, sometimes it makes me a relief, though only for a moment, sometimes I can laugh off and it may almost every day I laugh with my friends, but besides that I have little things that can make me cry, maybe because the words of my friend who pierced, on the contrary, I'm afraid that my words are piercing. I really do not want to feel hurt, I'm concerned with my friends, but I thank god I still be given feeling happy or sad. thanks god .
sometimes I hate myself, but I'm still trying to love myself, I know everyone has problems, but was praying to God, asking for legs and a strong spirit to move in a steep and rocky road, not ask the easy road, straight, and no winding.

thanks for read -

Oktober 10, 2010

Oktober 07, 2010

U-kiss - Shut Up MV

heloo , i'm back again haha
oke, hari ini tggl 7 oktober 2010 , MV nya u-kiss keluar yg berjudul "SHUT UP"
pada sexy" smua cuk di MVnya, ap lgi si kevin sm kiseop huyeaah wkwk
tp ad cewek bulek tuh di MV nya yg bikin gue envy!!
ap lgi si sohyun nya -,- mau nya sekali :p hha
itu tu MV nya diatas

smoga klian suka :)
enjoy w/ my post and video :)

huu gue pingn bgt beli abumnya TToTT

Oktober 04, 2010

UKiss - Shut Up! (From 'Break Time') (MV TEASER)

aww he's comeback !!
yeaah they'are u-kiss

u-kiss are boyband of korea. they consist of alexander, soohyun, Kibum, kevin, eli, dongho, and kiseop.
now the 4th of october. yes, the teaser they will come out today , they are very sexy, they're make me melt, especially kevin, my bias in u-kiss are dongho and kevin,

well, I want to share their teaser, cekidot:

that the above is their teaser, entitled "Shut up!" , Can't wait the full MV,

Ukiss - BREAK TIME (4th Mini Album)
1. Before yesterday
2. 시끄럿!
3. Light it up
4. Rock O 'Body
5. Avatar
6. 시끄럿! (Inst.)

oh, I'd love to order their album TT.TT